Summer sun, wind and,  if you’re in the UK, rain can wreak havoc on our skin.  I know as before I learnt about more natural skincare and reduced the chemicals in my products and diet I always suffered with dry skin and even eczema. But by far the most difficult area for me to get to grips with was my lips. Lots of people suffer with dry, chapped, lips in the winter, but for me the summer, with its shift in temperature, has always been just as bad.

I thought it was something I simply had to put up with until now. This summer one of my Arbonne team mentioned her favourite product and it quite literally blew me away. It is one of the smallest items we stock and although I had tested it last winter I haven’t been diligent about using it daily until 2 weeks ago. What she told me about its results has quite literally changed my lips!

We were chatting over a coffee about our desert island products – you know those things you feel you can’t do without and which you might just be inclined to rush back into the bathroom for even if there was actually a fire! For me it’s one of the RE9 line – I struggle to choose between the RE9 Intensive Renewal Serum and the RE9 Night Repair Cream. The Intense Renewal Serum is a concentrated formula which helps reduce the appearance of fine lines – now I need a bit of that! It’s a really light texture so easily absorbed and able to hold moisture. It’s packed with advanced peptides, antioxidants and essential botanicals which work synergistically within the formula to hold in moisture and enhance the look of skin smoothness and firmness. Can you see why I’m in love with it!

But would I choose this or  my other favourite product the RE9 Night Repair Cream? This super rich formula is an ultra hydrating blend of botanicals plus collagen supporting ingredients that replenish moisture and deliver essential nourishment to maximise the skin’s natural reparative cycle. (I get younger while I sleep!) I’m sure it has helped to reduce the appearance of fine lines and those deeper wrinkles I have around my mouth and eyes and it does all this while I sleep. Quite literally it would be my desert island cream of choice!

So what did my team member say that blew me away?

Her choice was the Arbonne Intelligence Lip Treatment. It’s a tiny, power packed tube of absolute genius! I took it away to Italy with me and used it morning and night - you can do these things when you have a bit more time away from the school run and the general rush that is breakfast and getting the family out the door - and boy have I been rewarded. My lips are silky smooth, plumped and firmer. They feel so smooth to touch and my lipstick glides on like never before. So what’s in it? It’s a targeted formula which features Arbbone’s proprietary ingredient, for which read ‘magic ingredient’, Phyinol. This is a form of Vitamin A and helps to soften the appearance of fine lines on the lips and contours. Plus it supports the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Not only that but it helps to enhance the appearance of lip volume and all without the aid of a knife or needle! Now that you’ve got to love.

It has been so brilliant that I’m using it night and day now I’m home too. The Intelligence Lip Treatment has quite literally given me my youthful, kissable lips back! Why not give it a try and let me know what you think. Or better still what your other half thinks!



/blog/how-keep-lips-kissable-all-summer-long How to keep lips kissable all summer long Summer sun, wind and, if you’re in the UK, rain can wreak havoc on our skin. I know as before I learnt about more natural skincare and reduced the ...

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