Could this boost your happiness?

  • Ali


I guess we’ve all tried to create different things to make us happy. For me i’ve tried detoxing from social media, having a 40 day challenge to do something different, adventurous or positive every day, given up alcohol etc but does any of it work. One of the key trends that is doing the rounds at the moment is list writing.

No i’m not talking the Wunderlust app that allows you to do your ‘to do’s’ along side your shopping lists and share a list with others, although I do love this app. The only problem in our household is when I sent a list to Mr H of things I thought should be on his list and he quietly ignored it The list just sat there until I did the things I thought were important myself and ignored the rest! 

These lists are lists that require proper thought. A reflection on your day and a nod to your happiness. 

I have a  journal by my bed which allows me to document the 2 or 3 keys things that i’m grateful for at the end of the day. Somedays it’s quite an expansive list in small writing but often it’s just a few key things which jump out at me. But the lists I’m taking about in this new trend are far more than that. They are long thought provoking list that require you to replay the events of the day and list every aspect of your day that you’re grateful for. From the morning cup of tea being brought to you in the bathroom to catching the train on time or noticing that your partner had filled up the car, packed your lunch box or written you a special note which was left in your wallet. Pausing to reflect on life’s positives is incredibly restorative for our mental health.

Thought provoking lists require you to replay the days events 

And this list making phenomena is now an art form sweeping the internet with various posts documenting the Bullet Journal Movement #bujo. As far as I can tell it was originally created by Brooklyn-based Ryder Carroll in the USA. Essentially it is the act of keeping a daily, weekly, monthly and annual, list of goals, achievements and gratitudes in a notebook and usually by hand. This act of actually writing it down, rather than just thinking about it or typing it into your phone or laptop is crucial too. The brain accepts information in a completely different way when it is written down thus making it quite transformational.

I was introduced to the concept by one of my mentors in my Arbonne business. So much of what we are taught, and then go on to teach those we support and mentor, is around personal development rather than purely business. Yes we need to know how to present and explain the concepts of a botanical business which is poles apart from the artificial flavoured and presentative laden nutrition brands out there or the chemical ridden skincare and cosmetics available on the high street but so much more is about building you as a person and your unique personal transformation. 

Bullet journalists and bullet journal junkies is now spreading across the glob with stationery and stickers, boxes and charts designed to satisfy the most creative of tastes.

The #bujo may be new but the list writing concept isn’t. As Dr Joh F Demartini explains in his book The Breakthrough Experience, “My mother told me when I was four years old, as she was putting me to bed one night, “son, before you go to sleep tonight, make sure you count your blessings,” Great truths are often hidden within such simple words.”

Count your blessings

Those who are grateful have more blessings and fulfilment in life than those who do not. This is a simple principle yet it has the power to change your life. Gratitude is the key to growth and fulfilment, “ he goes on to explain.

So whether you have a complicated journal, a leather bound book or a spiral bound jotter, why not give journalling a try and count your blessings each and every day. I’d love to hear how you get on.

Once you find that unlocking things to be grateful for in every day life comes naturally you’ll start to see the world, and those around you in a whole new light. And the world, in turn, will see you in a new light too. I t might raise a few issues along the away though. For me I was amazed at how self critical I was and how I spoke to myself in my head. I wouldn’t dream speaking that harshly to a friend or child but somehow I hadn’t previously noticed it in myself. I’m now much more aware of how I speak to myself and give myself permission to speak kindly to myself, to encourage myself and show me some support. And all this has rubbed off on my nearest and dearest too. Go one give it a try and let me know how you get on, i'd love to hear what's on your list!