Post New Year Fitness Blues

New Year is the time that many wannabe fitness enthusiasts get their gym shoes on and take out a gym subscription only to fall by the way side by mid-month. But for the hardened gym fanatic it’s sometimes just as difficult to get going post New Year. You know the feeling; your leggings feel a little tighter round your waist and thighs (and you thought lycra was forgiving); when your heart races a ...

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Do you have enough protein in your diet?

Are you getting enough protein in your diet? Most of us in the West eat far too much carbohydrate and not nearly enough protein according to health authorities. Manufacturers have become rich on the back of high carb, high sugar products and we’ve become fat on them! So how do you get the right amount of protein? When I was a vegetarian in my 20s and 30s I had no idea of the value of protein and ...

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12 gifts for the Health and Wellness Lover in your Life

Stop trying to be so creative an super romantic and buy her something she’ll love and live in. If you have a health and wellness lover in your life then one of these upper cool gifts will ensure you’re in her hear, and in her mind, whether she’s taking on the slopes, walking the dog or stretching out in a yoga class. Apple Watch with Nike Sport Band This watch is great for keeping track of ...

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