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AWAKEN - A 29 day immersive programme

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AWAKEN – a 29 day immersive programme to help you align with your inner voice, create mindful ritual in your life and step into living the life of your dreams

This programme is for you if:

You’re enjoying your career but don’t know if you can do this for the rest of your working life. You feel the pull of creating a more spiritual or health conscious business but are struggling with where to start and how you’d make money out of it.

You feel trapped by the fact that you’re employed, earning a good salary and can’t afford to give it up for a dream that’s just a whim

You’re juggling your love of wellness around supporting your family, your relationships and your career. You’re on a particular career path but it’s not where you see yourself 10 years from now

All those spiritual courses, events, retreats, buying the crystals, books and memberships are great but they don’t feel fulfilling and aren’t making your choices any clearer

You’re frustrated by your day which leaves you feeling disconnected from yourself, your spiritual connection, aspirations and beliefs

You feel you’re failing as you’re doing all this work on yourself and getting no further ahead. You have no idea what’s holding you back and why you don’t have the belief or confidence to change things when in your day to day work life you’re so decisive.

This AWAKEN programme was developed just for you

It’s designed to support you in gaining a clear understanding on what lights you up in both current work, family life and the future. You’ll be able to use this to transition out of where you are now or embrace a new direction within your current role

It will teach you how to incorporate regular rituals and practices into your life to create mindful experiences in your every day routine bringing you closer to a spiritual connection, no matter what you’re currently doing

Your improved focus at work will have the right people in your work environment gravitating to you. You may even feel inclined to bring some of your daily rituals and spiritual practices into the office

You are confident and open to sharing your beliefs in an open way meaning colleagues and family have a greater understanding of you and are embracing who you are both physically and spiritually

You have stepped into an ease at work and starting or running a side business is now very much on the agenda ensuring you can help and serve others

You have created a blueprint for a compelling future for yourself and have a plan to move you towards it

You are now surrounded by a community of like minded people who will support you on your journey

How the AWAKEN programme works

5 Cacao ceremonies

  • We meet virtually once a week with 5 online cacao ceremonies and sister circles supporting you and your growth.

Daily rituals delivered direct to your phone

  • Ali will deliver a daily ritual to you (requires approx. 15 mins focus per day)

Dedicated Whatsapp group

  • Through a supportive whatsapp group you’ll be supported as you work through daily rituals helping you to fully understand your strengths and the values that define your life and work and supporting others in their journey
  • Daily rituals will lead to deep connection and self awareness

Weekly Meditation delivered direct to your phone

  • Through weekly meditations make peace with the girl you were and step into the woman you’re yet to become

Outcomes of the AWAKEN programme

You’ll squash self doubt and come back to your soul purpose knowing what you want in life

You’ll have a vision for a compelling future and know the steps you need to get there

Investment £242

Ali’s most successful group coaching programme to help you reconnect with who you truly are and find your inner voice. 

This 29 day immersion is for you. Join Ali and a small group (no more than 8) of other likeminded souls as we venture deep within to unearth your purpose, discover your strengths and values and set you on the path to real fulfilment.

Of course cacao is at the heart of this programme with 5 cacao ceremonies drawing each week to a close.

This programme will help you define your daily rituals, tap into your inner voice through meditation, deep relaxation and journaling using prompts provided by Ali each week.

Other Coaching programmes

Gut healing

Gut Healing

Ali has been studying the gut microbiome for over 10 years. It’s a field of research that is continually evolving and is fascinating. For Ali supporting her gut, and in turn her overall health, has been life changing and she’s passionate about sharing what she’s constantly learning so you can heal your own gut too.

Numerous studies have demonstrated links between gut health and the immune system, mood, mental health, autoimmune diseases, endocrine disorders, skin conditions, and cancer. But what should you look for if you feel you’re struggling with gut related issues. 

Each of us has between 300 to 500 different species of bacteria in our digestive tract and while some microorganisms are harmful to our health, many are incredibly beneficial and even necessary to a healthy body.

According to Dr. E. M. Quigley in his study on gut bacteria in the Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology having a wide variety of these good bacteria in your gut can enhance your immune system, improve symptoms of depression and help combat obesity.

We’re all Unique which is why a personal 121 with Ali can help you unpack what’s really going wrong in your diet and your gut. 

£125 per hour

Blue dress pouring cacao looking down

Personal Cacao Ceremonies

In a world that seems to have gone online, Ali loves to work face to face. These personal cacao ceremonies are a firm favourite with her and her clients. Based at a venue to suit you or in your own home you can meet face to face with Ali and enjoy a personal cacao ceremony designed specifically for you. 

Together you will explore your intention for your ceremony and Ali will serve you with a ceremonial dose of Cacao. She will channel a guided meditation just for you as you relax in this beautiful space and sip your ceremonial cacao.

Session also includes hands on energy healing if requested.

These ceremonies are calming and can be used as a channel for release during difficult situations, allowing healing to come to fruition and emotional balance.
Excellent for regulating mood swings, PMT, menopause & overwhelm.

1 x 1 hour session £125 (dependent on location/travel expenses)

New Moon & Full Moon Cacao Ceremonies with Meditation and sound healing

On the Wednesday evening closest to the New Moon and Full Moon Ali leads a Soul Tribe Circle with cacao ceremonies and guided meditations for new beginnings, setting intentions, release and new awakenings. These are both in person and online events.

Check the blog for dates and details or message Ali

Secrets of Ceremonial Cacao

Learn the secret of making ceremonial cacao, setting up an alter and sitting in meditation

Ali will share a few of her favourite cacao recipes in advance of you getting together on Zoom or WhatsApp. In your personal ceremony Ali will share the history of cacao, its nutritional properties, it’s heart opening qualities and why it is called Food of the Gods. 

Together you will explore how you can bring the magic of ceremonial cacao into your daily rituals and look at the many benefits to doing so. Ali will share how to create an alter for your daily ceremonies (a prayer made visible). 

She will then create a cacao dieta for you to follow and guide you as you embark upon working with this incredible plant medicine.

Cacao is a fantastic plant medicine to sit alongside daily life and will support you and take you deeper as you meditate, journal, address inner work around self development & your career as well as while you embark upon self care rituals.

1 x1 hour online session plus 20 days of daily check in’s via WhatsApp as you undertake your cacao diet

Investment £195



6 week Learn to Meditate Course

Meditation has become one of the simplest and yet most effective ways to relieve stress, anxiety, and improve your overall quality of life.

This 6 week course will take you on a heart opening spiritual adventure as you learn the art of meditation. This course is designed to give you the foundational tools and techniques necessary to achieve meditative states, including how to hone your breath, how to centre your focus and achieve body awareness, how visualization can aid in meditation, and when specific complementary therapies can be of benefit. Additionally, you will learn the roles of non-attachment and letting go.

Ali will also cover some of the fundamentals like how to sit cross legged, and do you even need to, as well as how to quieten your mind and reduce the chitter chatter.
Starting each session with a cup of ceremonial cacao (or tea if you prefer) Ali will lead you in an opening prayer before starting each meditation session. 

This course is highly experiential, and it is important that you commit to your own regular meditation practice – whether that is just 5 minutes a day 2-3 days a week or an hour each day! Ali will also explore how journaling and reflection can play an important role in gaining clarity and awakening you to our true potential.

Ali keeps these sessions to a small class of supportive students and open discussion will be encouraged at the end of each session with a private WhatsApp group being available for students to share daily or weekly insights. 

Join Ali and experience the benefits of stress relief, inner calm, focus and clarity.

Locations, dates and times to be confirmed – please express your interest via WhatsApp 07973 843020

£125 per person