Be a deodorant detective

whats in my deodorant
  • Ali

Deodorant, do you know what’s in yours and the effects it has on your body. I touched on this as part of my Live on FaceBook on Monday - listen here if you'd like to know more or read on for more details.

Really, it’s important to think about what you’re actually spraying under your arms every morning (and sometimes every evening too) in the name of smelling good? It might make you smell divine, but your supermarket antiperspirant might just have a dark side hiding behind that luscious scent. From parabens that are oestrogen mimickers to aluminium salts that block your pores, talc (potentially contaminated with asbestos, a known carcinogen due to talc mines being located near asbestos deposits)  to sneaky animal derived ingredients or cruel animal testing. It’s worth being a detective and taking a look at what’s underneath the label. The more you understand about the importance of investigating what you put on your skin, as well as what you put in your mouth, the more you realise that we should all be switching to more natural products and what better place to start you’re your deodorant.

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Arbonne is a vegan, botanical natural deodorant that uses plant based ingredients to help you and the planet. 

I started my journey to natural deodorant after a girl friend has a breast cancer scare. She was advised to read the Ditch the Junk leaflet that Breast Cancer UK had produced and horrified by what she read she shared it with me. We both went away and looked at the deodorants we were using and each of the ingredients that the leaflet suggested we avid were in our deodorants. Our search for a more natural solution began and we moved from brand to brand never satisfied with the results and often deeply disappointed! Stopping short f getting the baking soda out and making my own deodorant I discovered the Arbonne brand and have never looked back. Their shea butter and Aloe deodorant comes in a easily applied stick and is made with sustainably sourced shea butter, which supports a women’s co-operative, and soothing aloe vera. Arrowroot powder absorbs moisture and sweat while baking soda, rosemary and sage help to neutralise body odour. It glides on without feeling sticky or greasy and dries invisibly with no white marks left behind. I’s never left those horrible white stains on my black tops and is lightly scented with aloe for a clean, fresh smelling finish that we all love including Peter and Olivia.

If you’re just googled the ingredients in your deodorant and are interested in making the switch speak to me about how you can get a 20% discount, and a free gift by signing up to become a preferred client.