Parents need and want baby care products they can trust for their baby but they also want products that provide the moisture, cleansing and protection necessary to support gentle fragile skin. The market is saturated with products so where do they start?


As a new mum I was just as guilty as the next mum of believing the marketing spin of big companies out to capitalise on this growing sector. I bought into products that smelt of my child hood and advertising that promised the earth. Little did I know I was buying cheap chemical laden products bulked up with cheap fillers to make them look like they were providing value for money! 

A baby’s skin is more delicate, fragile and thinner than our own and continues to develop through the first year of life, making it more vulnerable to irritants. Skin acts as a protective barrier, or the first line of defence against outside organisms, toxins, irritants, and allergens. A baby’s skin is more sensitive and needs gentle products to deliver gentle care so why are so many high street brands filled with harsh products, artificial fragrances, dyes, and other chemical ingredients that can irritate a baby’s skin. In addition, they often contain harsh cleansing agents or surfactants that can penetrate deep into the skin and be absorbed by the body. 

Since working with the Arbonne brand, I understand the pressure on large manufacturers to hit retail price points and make a substantial margin for shareholders. But is this what you want for your child’s skin. 

The ABC Arbonne Baby Care Story 

I believe that parents need and want baby care products they can trust. Products that still provide the moisture, cleansing and protection necessary and I’ve found that in the Arbonne ABC Baby Care range. They have been developed with the finest, most gentle ingredients for ultra-delicate skin and hair, and are tested by pediatricians, dermatologists and parents to meet expectations of parents and the standards of Arbonne’s strict Ingredient Policy. 

The collection delivers naturally inspired products that soothe, moisturise, protect, and cleanse a baby or child’s delicate skin, and help to avoid common skin irritations from allergies to environmental factors, artificial fragrances, or chemical agents like those found in other popular baby care products. Created without harsh additives, the cleansing agents used are vegetable surfactants, which are mild and can be easily washed off the skin. 

The ABC Arbonne Baby Care collection has products a parent can feel good about using on their baby, offering the utmost in pure, safe and beneficial careTM.



This nturally scented hair and bdy wash with an essential oil blend of cottonseed, sandalwood and vanilla this two in one product cleanses, calms and moisturises in one step. It’s gentle enough for hair and body and has a tear free formula gentle enough for baby’s sensitive eyes. Use in the bath after wetting skin and apply a small amount onto a sponge or wash cloth and gently lather body and hair before rinsing well. 



This beautiful Body Lotion offers 24 hour moisturisation preventing moisture loss and providing a moisture barrier to condition the skin. It’s natural ingredients such as shea butter, sun flower seed oil, aloe, vitamin E, and chamomile nourish the skin and provide a protective layer of natural emollients and antioxidants making an additional oil unnecessary. 



Before Arbonne I was buying an expensive sun creen brand that retailed around the £35 mark and yet every year my eczema would flare up in the sun and I would get prickly heat. I now know prickly heat can be affected by the mineral oil in products (and high street suncream is full of it). Having changed my diet and my products I’m now eczema free and prickly heat is a thing of the past. I apply this water-resistant Sun Screen liberally about 15minutes before I expose my skin to sun and reapply it every 2 hours on a normal day or every 40 minutes or if I’ve been swimming and immediately after towel drying. 



When baby needs changing or anyone has anything that’s at all red, itchy or sore (including eczema in our house) this Nappy Cream  is what I reach for.  How to use: Change red or soiled nappies, cleanse the nappy area and dry. Apply nappy cream liberally as often as necessary with each nappy change, especially at bedtime or anytime when exposure to wet nappy may be prolonged. 


For mor einformationon any of the ABC Baby Range or to purchase with a 20% disocunt foloow the link next tothe product.

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