Dry Skin Brushing - The beauty trend outlasting the generations

  • Ali

How often have you hopped in and out of the shower and never felt that your skin was as soft as it could be. This could be a combination of the skincare products you’re using – I tend to avoid anything with harsh chemicals like sodium laurel sulphate, and mineral oil – and a build up of dead skin cells. So what can you do about it?

I’ve found that dry brushing makes the biggest, and most immediate, difference to my skin.  It has been practiced by many cultures for centuries, from the ancient Greeks to Native Americans, and is designed to remove dead skin. In ancient Ayurvedic medicine,  dry brushing, or garshana, was completed prior to bathing every morning to stimulate blood circulation and lymph flow.

Benefits to health

Today we know there are many benefits to overall health as well as skin tone and texture and also stress relief.  The physical motion of dry brushing can help distribute fatty deposits to tone the muscles and tissues below the skin’s surface. These same strokes can boost circulation creating supple, youthful-looking skin and may also reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Exfoliate and stimulates lymphatic system

Not only does dry brushing exfoliate dead skin cells but it stimulates our circulation which in turn stimulates our lymphatic system. This is a key part of our overall health and immune system. Many components of the lymphatic system lie just below the skin’s surface. Daily dry brushing can stimulate these nodes, vessels and glands and aid in the body’s natural detoxification process, which can improve immune function.

Unclogs pores

By smoothing rough, dry patches and unclogging pores, toxins can be excreted from pores rather than blocking them and causing pimples. Dry brushing will also distribute your skin’s natural oils evenly to keep oilier areas from breaking out. This is particularly affective on the back area.

How to Dry Skin Brush

Before showering, when skin is dry, brush your body all over in upward strokes starting at the feet. It’s best to do this on a hard floor rather than carpet as you will get some dead skin cells falling to the floor. 

Always brush upwards and towards the heart

For added benefits apply an aromatherapy oil to skin before brushing. I love to use the Arbonne Rescue and Renew massage oil. It’s formulated with grape seed oil and is supports collagen and firmness.

Use firm strokes that are invigorating but don’t press too hard – it shouldn’t hurt. Don’t use a body brush on the face instead use a softer dry brush for the face.

Once you’ve dry brushed your entire body jump in the shower.

How to care for your dry skin brush

After each use give the brush a good shake to remove any skin cells and spray with an essential oil solution – I love lavender, lemon or tea tree

Rinse the bristle sunder running water and place bristle side facing down to dry

Wash every 7 to 10 days as you would with your makeup brushes. I love using essenatial oils in my home, here's why