FREE Online Cacao Ceremony and Meditation

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  • Ali

Join our sister circle for a FREE online Cacao Ceremony and meditation with sound healing on Wednesday 11 May 8.30 – 9.30pm.

Ceremonial Cacao is chocolate in its rawest, purest form, a ceremonial drink, unsweetened and unprocessed. She is a superfood with all of her original vitamins and minerals available to your body. She also carries theobromine, her magic ingredient, which opens your heart and connects you to your intuition, creativity & higher self. Theobromine is an alkaloid, it's the psychoactive property in cacao that gives it its name - food of the Gods – Thea meaning God and Broma meaning food. When using her alongside meditation you are offering an invitation to yourself to grow spiritually and emotionally.  Known as Mama Cacao for her heart opening warmth, drinking her is like being wrapped in a warm hug. 

Drinking her with ritual and ceremony in our sister circle is how we show our respects to her and will enable you to get the most benefit from her heart opening properties.

Cacao supports the body in so many ways, from enhancing focus, developing inner peace, creating feelings of trust, love & safety, she shifts emotional blockages, increases productivity and can encourage creativity.

Join our FREE weekly cacao ceremony, sister circle, meditation and sound workshop. Bring your own cacao or buy ceremonial cacao from a  trusted source.

Book via the evenbrite link or email or whats app 07973843020, [email protected]