• Ali

Join Us for an Enchanted Day 

Step into the ethereal embrace of Glastonbury's sacred lands on March 17th, where the gentle whispers of the Chalice Well and White Spring intertwine, weaving a tapestry of cosmic energy under the soft glow of the Spring Equinox.

 Let the Magic Unfold

Drift effortlessly into the rhythm of the universe as you embark on a journey of self-discovery and renewal. Close your eyes, breathe in the sweet scent of possibility, and surrender to the enchantment of the moment.

A Dreamlike Experience Awaits

A sanctuary for kindred spirits ready to embrace hidden wisdom.

Ceremonial Cacao: Nourish Your SoulImmerse yourself in the velvety embrace of ceremonial-grade cacao. 

Plant seeds of intention, shedding old skin to reveal the radiant essence within.

Journey to the Waters of Healing

Lose yourself amidst the timeless beauty of the Chalice Well gardens and cleanse yourself in a private ceremony at the White Spring.

Allow the whispers of Avalon to guide you as you plant the seeds of your dreams.

Your Invitation to Embrace the Divine

Mama Cacao beckons, her tender touch igniting the spark of intuition within.

Let ceremonial cacao be your guide, illuminating the path to inner peace and creative expression.

Embrace the whispers of Spring and unlock the magic that lies within. 

Limited Spaces Available: Book using this link tor message me to chat