Keeping you cosy this Winter Solstice

how to let go and release during winter solstice
  • Ali

The Winter solstice is here and today we celebrate the shortest day. From tonight the days will start to lengthen as we head towards spring and summer, new birth, new beginnings, and the idea that we can bring anything we want to fruition.

This is the perfect time of year to plant seeds of intention for the year ahead. It’s a wonderful time to gather with friends and create together too, setting intentions for the New Year and releasing anything that doesn’t serve you. If like me you have felt a little untethered the last week or so take comfort in the knowledge that the recent full moon and the winter solstice is pulling you to new places, allowing you to take a step back, to release anything that has felt heavy or limiting.

If you have a Christmas tree, you can write down your wishes for the coming year and tie them to your tree, and you can encourage your family to join you. If you want to work with fire or solar energy, you can create a crystal grid – orange and  red crystals are perfect for fire energy so think garnet, citrine, fire agate, or you can have a bonfire. Writing down anything that you want to let go of and burning it allows for that emotional as well as physical release and is a great way of clearing your mind and freeing yourself.

Get creative with the Winter Solstice and create your own traditions or activities based on the winter-solstice themes.

However you choose to celebrate this special day, I’m sending love and light from my heart to yours.