We all know the saying “what goes around, comes around” but this was really brought home to me at the weekend.

Mr H had been given tickets to the Press night of Aladdin at Nottingham Playhouse so we thought we’d make a family event of it and go for dinner first. He booked us into Browns Restaurant just around the corner and so we donned our festive frocks (well he didn’t but you know what I mean!) and off we went.

We managed to get a parking space right outside the theatre and I spotted a man sitting on the street who was clearly homeless. While Mr H negotiated the payment system I stood and had a chat. My heart went out to him. It was three degrees and he was wearing nothing but thin jeans and a light jacket. We are so lucky to have the life we have and I felt I needed to do something so I asked if I could bring him some supper. He was thrilled. I’m sure he was hungry but I think the fact that someone cared enough to think about him, to stop, chat and to listen was almost as beneficial as the meal.

In Browns I asked if they could do a take-out box if I ordered a meal for the homeless man on the street I had been chatting to and they were more than accommodating. When the waitress came to take our order she said what a lovely thing it was we were doing and how thoughtful of us. 

We ordered our meal and between courses Browns boxed up a meal and hot drink for my friend on the street. I nipped out with it and had a better chat with him. I found out much about this life and the shared hostel he was living in and how the charity that runs it is helping him to get back on his feet. I told him about a charity I know through Church called Christians Against Poverty (CAP) and how they help and support people to manage their money and get back on their feet. 

When I came to pay the waitress looked a little sheepish and said “We felt you were such a lovely human being that we’d give you a discount off your meal tonight”. It was so thoughtful and yet unnecessary-  we’d had a lovely meal and I had done something for someone else who I knew I could help. When I looked at the bill, not only had they given us a discount but they wouldn’t let us pay for the meal for my friend either.

They say you should pay it forward. We were certainly rewarded for our efforts to make a homeless man more comfortable.

And what of the Pantomime you ask? It was hilarious, a really great family evening filled with much laughter and joy. The sort of night when you really do appreciate family, the joy of being together, sharing love and laughter and can certainly count your blessings.

What could you do to spread a little joy this week?


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