Over the last 6 years I’ve come to educate myself in the use of chemicals and harmful ingredients in my skincare, haircare, make-up and cleaning products.

I’ve been buying eco cleaning products for years but have started to make my own too and, with not bad results, if I say so myself!

Here’s my latest experiment Toilet Cleaning Bombs. Think bath bombs but for your loo. They’re designed to work over a couple of hours, or over night in my case, and restore your loo to a brilliant sparkle without the need for elbow grease or limescale removing type chemicals.

They work on stains and limescale as well as the everyday dirt that’s obviously there.

Here’s how I make them


Equal parts of citric acid, corn flour and baking soda, also known as bicarbonate of soda. I use a cup to measure everything.

I get all these ingredients cheaply in my local hardware store or online.

Aromatherapy oil – I use Arbonne’s Warrior blend. It’s a blend of cinnamon, cloves and rosemary plus others and is designed to promote a sense of wellbeing as well as having properties of fighting off infection. I also use this to clean down worktops or if any of us get a tummy bug or in a diffuser as a room fragrance is anyone feels like they’re fighting off infection.


Add the dry ingredients to a zip lock bag and mix to combine.

Add 5 -7 drop of your aromatherapy oil

Using a water spray, gently add 3 to 4 sprays of water aiming for the side of the bag and massage into the dry ingredients. Repeat 3 or 4 times until the dry ingredients start to clump together. Don’t over do it or you will activate the bicarbonate of soda and you’ll have bath bombs fizzing away before you get to store them! That’s what happened to me first time round! Not a pretty sight, although the smell was lovely!

Once the dry ingredients have begun to clump together add to a silicone mould of your choice. I use an ice cube tray and then use 2 cubes in each loo buti f you have a larger mound go for that.

Leave in a cool place to dry overnight. Ensure they are away from water. Once dry remove from the mould and store in an airtight jar.


Add 2 small cubes or 1 large cube to a freshly flushed loo and allow to fiz. Leave for an hour or so or over night. Flush and you should notice how spotlessly clean the loo is.

I love to use aromatherapy oils as a room spray or diffused to change the dynamic of a room. I also love spraying a lavender solution onto my bedding as I’m ironing, I find a spray is great for deodorising smelly trainers and works brilliantly as a cleaner for my yoga mat too.

What else do you use aromatherapy oils for? Share your top tips for using them around the home.

/blog/recipe-natural-toilet-cleaning-bombs Recipe for Natural Toilet Cleaning bombs Over the last 6 years I’ve come to educate myself in the use of chemicals and harmful ingredients in my skincare, haircare, make-up and cleaning ... https://res.cloudinary.com/dwbprcb03f/image/upload/v1618221752/ali-hutchinson.co.uk/istock-912312704.jpg

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