Spring back into fitness

  • Ali

It’s time to get fit and active this Spring!

If you broke your ‘Go to the Gym’ resolution back in January, don’t fret. Spring is the perfect time to set a new goal and get fit and healthy before the summer season.

I generally work out five times a week and if I’m not at the gym or in a class I’m walking the dog or on the cross trainer or trampette – my latest crazy fad! But I haven’t always been this way. For years my trainers languished in the bottom of the wardrobe collecting dust.

But all that changed when I suddenly realised I was about to give up the chance of a work related holiday in Las Vegas - all because I didn’t want to sit by the pool with (what were in my head) beautiful, toned people, feeling I was inferior! I know, crazy right! However it pulled me up short and I decided that rather than give up the trip, I’ would get fit and active, changing the way I felt about me and my body!

Three years in and I now know I need movement in my life or I don’t feel ‘normal’. I get jittery, my mood changes and I don’t sleep as well. Once I weigh up all the good things associated with moving my body, it is much easier to drag myself to a class or out for a walk as I know I’ll feel better in the end.

So, here are my top tips to help you get moving this Spring.

Get Up and get Moving

Rolling over and tapping snooze on your alarm is all too easy but will only make you feel more tired and lethargic. I took a tip from Hal Elrod, Author of The Miracle Morning and decided I’d just get up and get moving rather than keep pressing snooze. It’s amazing how easy it is once you decide. Believe me, this tired feeling is all ‘in your head’. If you tell yourself ‘I’m only going to get six hours sleep and will be soooo tired in the morning’ you will be. But if you say I’m going to get six hours sleep and feel amazing tomorrow - that’s how you’ll feel. Try it for a week and report back. It works, I promise.

Be Grateful for your day

When the alarm goes off, press stop and swing your legs out of bed. Say a thank you for a fabulous night’s sleep and settle into the dawning of a brand new day. I like to say thank you as each foot hits the floor. Start your day with an attitude of gratitude and it’s amazing how much nicer the day will get.

Faith it ‘til you make it

It’s a play on the old “fake it ‘til you make it” motto but this works better for me. If you have faith that getting up and getting some exercise will actually make you feel better it’s much easier to get started. And it generally works.

A great tip is to set your favourite workout gear out the night before. If you’re all ready and have nothing to think about but putting those fancy leggings on and hitting the gym you probably will. It will make the transition from bed to gym effortless. I even put my pre workout drink on the kitchen worktop the night before so it’s ready to add water as I walk out the door. For me a pre workout Arbonne Fizz Stick is just what I need to get me up and motivated. It contains a botanical blend of green tea, guarana and ginseng combined with B vitamins to put a spring in my step. (30 servings £43 / preferred client price £34.40). They’re great anytime of the day, even if you’re not doing a workout, to give you boundless energy and help with mental alertness.

I make my post workout shake up the night before too so it’s all ready to go as I walk out the door.

I love an Arbonne shake for breakfast so no trip to the gym is compete without a shake in my bag. With 20g of vegan plant based protein derived from pea, rice and cranberry and 20 essential vitamins and minerals they are the perfect pick me up after a workout or just as a breakfast smoothie. 30 servings £58 PC £46.40.  Pick up my favourite recipes on the blog and ring the changes by switching up the flavours with added vegetables, fruit, herbs and spices.

If I’m doing a hard workout then an Arbonne Phytosport After Workout recovery drink is what I reach for. It delivers an ideal 2:1:1 ration of branched chain amino acids and magnesium which contributes to normal muscle function and protein synthesis, along with vitamin B12 to support a reduction of tiredness and fatigue. (20 servings £39/PC £31.20)

Push Hard

Sometimes we turn up to the gym or a class and our head simply isn’t in the game. We’re at the barre but we’re really doing the bare minimum. Don’t cheat on yourself, utilise the opportunity to see what your amazing body can do and embrace the struggle and push yourself as much as you can. Tomorrow’s workout will be easier and you’ll feel so much better for it.  

Be Consistent

I believe that exercise is something you grow to love when it becomes a habit. If I’ve missed a few days I can quite easily talk myself out of getting back into class. But I don’t. Why not? Because I know I’ll feel much better once I’ve done it and building that momentum is essential to staying on track. You’re ingraining that routine into your body. Your muscle memory kicks in and you start to love it. If you stop moving for weeks, the thought of going back becomes more and more intimidating. Book your next session at the start of each session, get it in the diary and move that amazing body of yours. You’ll love the feeling so much that soon it will be something you’ll actually want to prioritise.

Variety is the Spice of Life

There is nothing worse than doing the same routine day in and day out. Even if your mind isn’t bored your body probably will be so switch things up and try a range of different classes, exercise sequences, gyms or studios. Sometimes just changing where you workout can make a big difference to how you feel. If my yoga teacher switches the class around and we all stand facing a different direction there’s a quiet mutiny but I love it. It helps me see the world from a new perspective. So get out there and try some totally new workouts: trampolining, rock climbing, spinning, modern dance. Just shake it up a bit and have fun with it.  

Say it in style

Nothing makes me happier than pulling on a new pair of super leggings in a fantastic material. I discovered some amazing legging retailers in the USA a few years ago. They were really shaking up the sportswear market with funky colours while we were all still in black in the UK. I brought a few pairs back and luckily the craze came to the UK around the same time and I’ve never looked back. Having some special sports gear to get into is a sure fire way to get you motivated and into the gym.

Set yourself a Goal

I’ve found that everything gets done more often, more effectively and is more motivating if you have a goal. Whether it’s hoovering or doing push ups, if you have a goal you have something to aim for. It doesn’t have to be a physical goal. It can simply be to have fun or feel more energised, but having a goal keeps you on track and your gym shoes on the treadmill.

I know working out gives me a greater perspective on life and work. I sleep better, eat better and feel better. So my goals are to keep it up. To make sure I move every day, even if it’s just a ten minute trampette workout, and to enjoy it. After all, life is to be lived and it’s hard to do that sitting down!


If you want any support or guidance about getting healthier and fitter and embracing life more – drop me a message