Today I’m taking a look at current interior design trends

I just love the way fashion, interiors and gardens are coming together these days. You can see trends emerging in one which then filters through to the others. I love the Spring catwalks and the vibrant colours which come through in the fashion as the weather warms up. I like to do a similar thing with my interior and ditch the darker, muted shades for a pop of colour on a sofa or in an accessory around the house. I see some amazing oranges, bright yellow and pinks in the Spring palette in the fashion houses and wonder if I will see similar colours coming through into the designers’ gardens at The Chelsea Flower Show this May.

So what is on trend in homes and Interiors at the moment? The cool grey and neutral palettes which have been so popular over the last few years are here to stay which is reassuring for many of us. Having re-painted the whole house in shades of grey the thought of starting all over again would be a real headache. Many of the top paint houses have whole books of grey palettes. I particularly love Little Greene Paint and their grey colour card is a veritable smorgasbord of deliciousness. What is also on trend though, is a move towards warm pastels. I’m not talking sugary baby blue and pink but muted pale tones in both paint colours and accessories. I’d use them as an all over colour for walls and ceilings so the room feels light and airy or mix them with complementary wallpaper for a beautiful neutral look.

The Scandinavian style trend which has permeated many interiors and stores of late is also sticking around with its light greys and simple but structural arty pieces. This has led into both the ‘new Industrial’ aspect of interiors, where old factory machinery is made into furniture or accessories. Here I’m thinking metal work benches as dining tables and tractor seats as bar stools or wheel rims as side tables with glass tops. It has also led to what is being called a paired down ‘honesty’ style or ‘utilitarian’ style reminiscent of the shaker movement. This interior trend lends itself to plain woods and bleached surfaces, bent wooden stools or benches and simple but comfortable furniture.

Flashes of colour in interiors has picked up on the use of yellow in fashion too. While I feel yellow is a colour that suits a tanned skin, and not therefore something I’ll be wearing close to my face, you can use it much more readily in the interior as it complements the Scandi grey palette as well as adding a hint of excitement alongside neutrals. As a bright element in an existing design you can bring your current interior into the now by adding a pop of yellow in accessories. Think cushions, throws, vases, lamps or lamp shades. These elements can all be changed in a season or two to keep your interior fresh and very much on trend.

The other colour trend for interiors I don’t see disappearing at present is the use of copper. It’s now everywhere from lanterns to kitchen accessories. Best used as an occasional piece rather than as a fixture like light fittings, I feel it is here for a few more seasons so embrace it. That spot of metal is very much on trend too. You’ll see metals in surfaces from the industrial nature of tables and consoles to mirror surfaces and picture frames. The use of mirror surfaces is a great way to throw light around a room and pick up on key elements in a design. I love to add a mirror behind a lamp in a shady spot as it throws light back into an interior and adds another dimension. Likewise the glass dome is still in vogue with anything from Easter bunnies to natural finds being encased in glass and put on display. Bases for domes are simple and elegant and made of anything from wood to metal or glass. The choice is yours so get creative with the glass dome and create some surprising exhibits to entertain your friends.

Finally the current interior trend for boutique wallpaper is moving apace which is something I love. I grew up with flowers or patterned wallpaper but in the 2000 everything seemed to move towards neutrals and the wallpaper houses virtually went out of business as people stopped using wallpaper in interiors. That’s all changed and the feature wall is here to stay but now they’re feature rooms rather than just walls. Flower, colour, metalics and 3D are all making a comeback so be bold and create an interior you love and which reflects your personality. I love these amazing designs from Katie Cardew!


With these top tips your home should be on trend for the year ahead! Please share your favourite rooms with me. I love looking at other people’s interior styles.

/blog/trends-interior-world Trends in the interior world Today I’m taking a look at current interior design trends I just love the way fashion, interiors and gardens are coming together these days. You can ...

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