Want to reduce and prevent crows feet?

  • Ali

We all want to look our best and here’s how you can reduce the look of crows feet and laughter lines.

The sun and exposure to UV rays is a major factor contributing to the appearance of Crow’s Feet or Laughter Lines as I’d prefer to call them. The sun is the number one cause of ageing with mineral oil, a bi-product of the petro chemical industry, and in over 90% of retail skincare brands, being second in line. The skin around the eyes is exposed to the sun more regularly and typically with less protection than the rest of the face so it’s no wonder we often start to show our age in this area first.

You can't stop time, but you can make it look as if you have found a way to make it stand still. Here’s my top tips to help reduce those laughter lines.

You are what you eat

It’s boring but true - you get out what you put in. Eat a healthy, wholefood diet rich in natural good fats like nuts and avocado, reduce the amount of processed food and additives, preservatives and fizzy drinks you consume and your skin will thank you. Eat anti-oxidant rich foods too such as colourful fruits and vegetables, and those with dark skins like blueberries.

What I do: I regularly reset my balance with a 30 days to healthy living programme I have devised and lead people through. Join my next programme which starts on the first Monday of the month. Message me for more information.

Take care of your gut

Keeping your gut in great shape and eliminating food every day is key to great skin and reducing the appearing of laughter lines. I take a pro-biotic, otherwise known as good bacteria which are the beneficial micro-organisms which we all have living in our digestive tract. They help with clearer skin, redness, skin sensitivity and inflammation. If you are suffering with acne, or have a teenager who is, then gut health is the first place to start. I never recommend a skincare product without first looking at diet.

What I do: Digestion Plus is a daily single serving pre and pro-biotic and enzyme which aids digestive health. (30 days £45/ £36 for Preferred Clients)

You skincare matters

I wouldn’t take a swig of the Petrol I’m putting in my car so I don’t use anything with Petrolatum, mineral oil or Vaseline in it! They come from the same source and are the second biggest thing that ages us and causes crows feet so I avoid them. You’ll be amazed at how many high end brands you thought were really good actually contain mineral oil! Always read the labels, is my advice if you’re looking to prevent or reduce laughter lines.

What I do: I use the Arbonne, Pure, Safe and beneficial products as my everyday skincare routine. Particularly I love to use the RE9 range.

Stay hydrated

We probably all need to drink more filtered, purified water, herbal or green tea (it’s so rich in antioxidants) as skin elixirs

What I do: I love Greens Balance (30 days £44/ PC £35.20). Not only is it alkalising but it’s packed with 37 broad spectrum fruits and vegetables giving you a rainbow of colours and  Chlorophyll which acts to slow down the ageing process.  And mid-afternoon I’ll make a pot of Herbal Infusion Blend Tea (£19/ PC £15.20). It’s a mild, caffeine free tea with nine refreshing and soothing botanicals.

Rely on Nature not chemicals

Botanical skincare contains many benefits over regular creams or serums which contain harsh chemicals or fragrances. I love the Arbonne philosophy of Pure, Safe and Beneficial. They take botanical ingredients and use safe, green science to ensure they work to their optimum meaning you don’t need to worry about the results, giving you effective treatments and products to help make your skin look and feel amazing whilst helping to prevent or reduce the look of crows feet.

What I do: The RE9 anti-ageing range is my go-to range. I use the whole system from cleanser to toner, serum and moisturiser and there’s a special Corrective Eye Crème (£49/ PC £39.20) which will help diminish the look of lines, puffiness and dark circles. Or for a lifted eye try the Lifting and Contouring Eye cream (£53/PC £42.40). The difference in this super-fast acting cream is noticeable instantly as the rich cream helps skin look firmer and tighter around the eyes and feel more plump and cushioned. Use in conjunction with the Genius Ultra Device for impressive results. As a Preferred Client you can pick the Genius Ultra for £235.20 including a free Lifting and Contouring Eye cream and RE9 Intensive Renewal Serum. Or take advantage of a very special offer and buy it with a gret saving when you place another order. Please get in touch with me to activate this offer. If you want to know more about my experience with my beauty tool of choice, the Genius Ultra, check out my blog to read all about it.  

Get a good night’s sleep

Much of your natural regeneration happens at night so rested skin looks and feels brighter and younger. Getting 7 or 8 hours sleep a night ensures your products have a night time to work!

What I do: I love my night time routine. I cleanse, tone, apply serum and night cream and use the Arbonne Intelligence Genius Ultra ultrasound (£160) device to massage my products into my skin. They work at a much deeper level when used alongside the device so I get greater benefits. The lines around my eyes, the number 11 between my brows and the lines on my forehead have all been reduced and the skin around my neck and mouth is much tighter. Altogether a great result from a little piece of kit which is less expensive than a single Botox treatment!

If you have a skincare problem or concern you’d like to talk to me about or if you to find out more about the Arbonne products please get in touch. You can save 20% on all Arbonne products when you join as a Preferred Client, so contact me if you’d like to know more.