Avoid these makeup faux pas to make your skin look younger

  • Ali

Makeup can help you look younger, or even older if you don’t apply it correctly.

I’ve just started to switch to a darker foundation as the weather warms up and my skin picks up a bit of natural tan but incorrectly applied makeup can actually age you. Here’s the key mistakes to avoid to ensure your makeup isn’t ageing you.


Too pale foundation

Make sure you get a really good colour match for your foundation as too pale a foundation can age our skin. Foundation is best colour matched in natural daylight so it’s no wonder that when we buy a foundation at one of the overly bright department stores we end up looking either clown like or pale as a ghost when we get it home. I do private colour matching with people in the comfort of their own homes and at parties where 5 or 6 girlfriends get together to share makeup tips and learn new tricks and techniques. Message me if you’d like to know more.

Also beware of too much foundation. Highly pigmented foundation is much heavier in its powder content and is ultimately drying. Opt for a creamy foundation instead and go for a dewy look if you want to look younger.

What I use: In winter and as the season changes I use Perfecting Liquid Foundation with SPF 15 (£37/ or Preferred Client £29.60). It corrects, moisturises and creates the look of firmer skin as it minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

About this time of the year, I switch for the lighter dewy look provided by Arbonne CC cream (£34/PC£27.20). This unique formula with 10 in 1 benefits is skincare masquerading as foundation! Its lightweight coverage builds to conceal blemishes and dark spots and minimise the appearance of pores while botanicals sooth and hydrate. I wash it off at night and my skin feels like it’s had a facial!


Cakey concealer

Whenever possible avoid layering concealer so thickly that it sinks into lines and makes them look deeper. Ideally concealer should only be applied to the inner halves of the under eye area to cover dark marks only.

What I use: The Real Conceal, Liquid Concealer (£26/PC £20.80) - This lightweight formula offers buildable coverage while delivering ingredients chosen to brighten and hydrate the skin. It comes with its own flebxible paddle applicator which is designed to get into all those tight spaces. And with 7 hydrating shades to choose from there'll be a perfect match for you every time. 


Overdone brows

I love to define eyes with brilliant brows but worse than a sparse arch is an overdone brow. Get a balance between the two so your makeup complements your natural features.

What I use: Building a better shape is so easily achievable with the long wearing, smudge proof Shape it up Brow Pencil from Arbonne (£28/ PC £22.40). It comes in three neutral shades to complement hair colour and has a brow brush on the other end ensuring there’s never a strand of hair out of place.


Streaked blush

If you’ve always applied your blusher in the same way since school days it might be time for a change. I always swirl blush on the apples of the cheeks and never brush upwards in a line from the mouth to the ear, this way your makeup looks more natural giving you a healthy glow helping you to look younger.  

What I use: I love a powder blush as it is blendable and so gives perfect coverage. I use Arbonne’s Blush (£24/ PC £19.20) in Dusty Rose or Blossom as they suit all skin tones but the Arbonne blush comes in eight individual colours to match your complexion for a flushed and beautiful look.


Lipstick bleed

There’s nothing worse than a lipstick that is bleeding at the corners and distorting an otherwise perfect smile. Use a slightly lighter colour lip pencil to your final lipstick colour and apply the colour over the entire lip area before finishing up with a lipstick colour of your choice. This single application will stop the bleed and ensure you have lips that are kissable throughout the day and into the evening.

What I use: Arbonne’s smudge proof Lip Liner (£21/PC £16.80) comes in 6 delicate shades to create the perfect lip. Add a lipstick in your choice of colour from the range of 15 Smoothed Over Lipsticks (£23/ PC £18.40) which are infused with fruit extracts to create a fuller, firmer lip.


Same old lips

If you’ve not changed your lipstick colour in years then bring on some changes. The easiest way to freshen a look is with a new lip colour. If you’ve always worn neutrals then go for a bolder, brighter colour or if you only ever wear red shake it up with a nude or neutral. Or for something simple that will help give your pout a little update, dab a bit of shiny lip gloss on the middle of your lower lip to enhance it and make it look fuller.

What I use: With a choice of 15 Smoothed Over Lipstick colours (£23/ PC £18.40) to choose from you’re spoilt for choice but not overwhelmed. Each is infused with fruit extracts to create a fuller, firmer lip. They have a smooth satin glossy finish but for the ultimate gloss add a Glossed over Lip Gloss (£21/ PC £16.80). The lip glosses with plant extracts and peptides, the hero skincare ingredient at the moment, leave lips feeling quenched and intensely moisturised. Ensuring your lips are looking and feeling luscious will help finish off your makeup, and give you a fresh and youthful finish.


Over done eyes

Applying too heavy eye makeup and having it sit in all those fine lines and creases on the lid will only make you look older. If you’re overzealous with a heavy eye shadow it can make eyes look droopy and weighty. Use an eye make-up primer to keep makeup in place all day and night too.

What I use: Prime and Proper Eye Makeup Primer (£23/ PC £18.40). This is a creamy, conditioning formula which helps prevent shadows from creasing or fading. Jambu flower extract is the key ingredient as it helps diminish the appearance of wrinkles and smooth the canvas for crease free wear, helping your eyes look bright and more youthful.


Jagged liner

If you struggle to get a straight line on your eye liner, my top tip is to point your chin up and look down as you apply your liner rather than pulling the outer eye taught. This enables you to see what you’re doing allowing you to get a much smoother line. Eye liner is always on trend recently, so applying a sweep of liner will help give you a stylish and fresher makeup look.

What I use: I love a soft eye pencil with botanicals and love this It’s a Fine Line Pencil Eye Liner (£23/ PC £18.40).  It’s a creamy long wearing pencil which won’t feather or bleed and is infused with Cupuaca butter and Hibiscus flower extract to moisturise all day long.


Droopy lashes

Long, fluttery lashes can make you look more alert and awake. The key is using an eye lash curler especially on the eye on the side that you sleep on as these can often become flattened or straight over time. Afterwards, apply a good quality mascara in a sweeping and curling motion upwards to help hold the lashes in an upward position.

What I use: It’s a Long Story Mascara (£31/ PC £24.80) -this high performance lengthening mascara helps create the look of dramatic lashes with major length, helping to finish off your makeup look.


Apply good moisturiser under foundation

Go for gold in moisturiser if you’re over 30, your skin will thank you for it and you’ll notice the difference in 20 years’ time. After the age of 28 our skin stops creating new collagen so anything you can do to support what you’ve already got is a real bonus. Rebuilding, repairing and rejuvenating is what’s called for, which is why I always choose Arbonne products. Arbonne uses vitamin and plant acid therapy to command the skin to behave as it did when we were young and help restore the cell memory as we age.

What I use: Arbonne RE9 skincare. This exceptional product line competes with the products which are sold at a medical level, however their advanced delivery systems stimulate the cells to the degree needed by each cell so that cells don’t become over stimulated and age more quickly. Instead they are plumping and firming giving the appearance of finer lines. And unlike heavy chemical formulations you know you can continue using it long term and get great results.

Check out the RE9 Restorative Day Crème SPF 20 (£55/ PC£44) and Extra Restorative Day Crème SPF 20 (£55/ PC£44) – the added SPF is hugely important in keeping your skin protected from sun damage which can age your skin even more. Or for a luxurious night cream, try the Night Repair Creme (£75/ PC £60). You can also buy the whole of the RE9 sat with 40% off, message me to take advatage of this amazing offer. 

If you’re interested in knowing more about how I manage my skincare routine or hosting a workshop or party at home please message me. Or to get a special 20% discount on all Arbonne products join as a Preferred Client, contact me if you’d like to know more and I’ll help work out the best products for you and help you get started on your journey to younger-looking skin!