Creating the right impression at work - makeup dos and don’ts

  • Ali

Appearances matter. That’s not big news, we all know it and it’s especially true in the workplace. We all wheel out our favourite suit, and polish our shoes for an important meeting or presentation. It seems the smaller details matter too – like what makeup look your sporting. Yes this really can make or break your chances of success at work. And it gets down to the minutiae like no mascara, which could mean you’re prone to crying, or red lipstick which might imply you're power-mad and likely to steal your boss’s job!

So here’s my guide to workplace makeup – the dos and don’ts. And assuming you’re not currently reading a tragic novel and prone to tears, go put on some mascara! 

Preparation is everything

If the skin underneath your makeup is in bad condition then no amount of makeup is going to give you a flawless finish so don’t forget about skincare. Moisturizer keeps skin hydrated, giving you a fresh and healthy appearance. It also helps ensure an even makeup application so skin looks flawless and fresh. Make sure sun protection is part of your skincare regimen even during the winter months. Use a moisturizer with SPF 15 especially if you’re prone to being out and about running errands or you exercise outside in your lunchbreak or after work.

Get the basics right

Spend time getting the basics right like concealer and foundation. Creamy concealer covers dark circles and instantly makes you look well-rested. Choose a concealer that is one shade lighter than your foundation. Getting the right foundation evens out skin tone, making your complexion look healthy and refreshed. Make sure you colour match in natural daylight, never under the florescent trip lighting in a store as this can change your complexion and how you see colour in the mirror. 

Rest up

Ensure you get a good night’s rest, drink plenty of water, eat right, avoid excess alcohol and exercise. Beautiful skin reflects a healthy lifestyle.

It’s all in the eye contact

You’ve heard it said, make eye contact with people as they talk to you.Mascara and blush are key to a flawless makeup look. To create voluminous lashes use the blackest black mascara. Layer this to add length and volume. I love the new Arbonne Speak Volumes Mascara. Not only is it cruelty free, having never tested on animals, but it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals which is so important around the delicate eye area.

A splash of blush on the apples of the cheeks instantly gives the face a lift. For the most natural look, go for a shade that looks like your cheeks after you’ve just exercised so if you’re pink toned use a rose toned blusher while if you’re more olive skinned use a more orange blush.

Avoid these common mistakes

  • Less is more. Don’t overdo it. Wear colour on just one part of your face—your eyes or lips, but not both. And keep the rest of your makeup neutral. Pair a bright eye with a subtle lip or match a dark lip with a neutral shadow on the eyelids.
  • Don’t be tempted to experiment with a new look on a Monday morning or before a big presentation. Leave experiments to the weekend or evenings . Once you’ve mastered a look, and it fits into your morning routine, make the change.
  • Don’t over spirtz on perfume. You may love the latest scent from Kim Kardashian but your colleagues may not. Subtlety is the name of the game.
  • Finally be a great listener both in and out of work. Listening is a very under rated skill. We tend to spend so much of our time trying to be interesting that we forget to be interested in others. If you can cultivate the skill of being interested in those around you, their work, life, needs and discontents, you’ll find you are much more attractive in the work place too. And you’ll have better relationships with everyone around you.

If you're aware that you're constantly updating your wardrobe but are still using makeup techniques you learnt years ago perhas it's time to make some changes. I'd love to work with you to build your confidence in this area.  Message me to book an informal chat.