Do you have enough protein in your diet?

  • Ali

Are you getting enough protein in your diet?

Most of us in the West eat far too much carbohydrate and not nearly enough protein according to health authorities. Manufacturers have become rich on the back of high carb, high sugar products and we’ve become fat on them! So how do you get the right amount of protein?

When I was a vegetarian in my 20s and 30s I had no idea of the value of protein and lived on a heavy carbohydrate diet which was rich in bread and pasta. Now that I’m gluten intolerant I really struggle to eat a vegetarian diet in restaurants, as they are often heavily biased towards gluten-based carbs. Next time you are out look for a vegetarian, gluten free option on a menu - (a vegan option is even rarer!) you’ll struggle.

For me the discovery Arbonne’s gluten free, plant based protein was a revelation. Their high quality formulas are powered by phytonutrients which are unique, beneficial botanical compounds. Each vegan and gluten free certified product is developed with premium blends of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fructooligosaccharides and bacillus coagulants for maximum product effectiveness. Their plant based protein products are designed for the whole family so you can ensure you and your whole family are getting optimum nutrition.

But can you really get the nutrition you need from plant based proteins?

Before Arbonne if you’d asked me to name the protein rich foods, I’d have opted for meats and chick peas. I had no real idea that the humble pea was so rich in protein, and more importantly in protein that is bio-available to the body. Arbonne has been really clever with the choice of ingredients too. Their protein mixes are a combination of pea, rice and cranberry proteins meaning that each product has a 100% amino acid score which is key to optimum absorption. 

What is protein?

There are a few different types of vegan protein powders. The most common ones are soy proteinhemp proteinbrown rice protein, and pea protein. A protein is nothing more than a chain of amino acids. Nine of these amino acids are essential to our bodies – we can't produce them ourselves so have to get them from food. Some of them we need more of and some less. Arbonne has created a protein that gives us 100% of what we need – now that’s clever.

Does a protein breakfast shake really fill you up?

One of the most important things for me in adding a protein drink to my diet has been how energised I feel after taking it. I’ve simply switched to a protein shake or smoothie for my breakfast each day (a meal which was always tricky without gluten - no toast or cereal for me) and feel amazing. They fill me up and ensure I’m never hungry before lunch and because they are packed with over 20 vitamins and minerals they provide a large part of my daily vitamin requirements too.

Versatility is key

They are also really versatile and can be made into a long drink as a smoothie, added to porridge or mixed up and used to moisten overnight oats. Arbonne has also created a Protein Boost which is favourless and odourless meaning it can be added to savoury dishes without changing the taste so a vegan soup, chilli or vegetable stew can have added protein without the kids even knowing it.

The question of sugar

And importantly to me, as I’ve gone refined sugar free, Arbonne protein products are made with unrefined natural cane sugar and stevia, a natural plant sugar which is much sweeter than refined sugars. As with everything that Arbonne does, what’s not in it is as important as what is. They are formulated without saturated fat, trans fats or cholesterol, artificial sweeteners, flavours or colour. You really do know that with Arbonne nutrition you are getting a pure, safe and beneficial product which is why our whole family enjoys Arbonne plant based protein powders. A breakfast smoothie is now a normal part of our morning routine - on a sleep over Miss H often complains about how quickly she gets hungry after what is deemed to be a ‘normal breakfast’ compared to how full she is on a protein shake. And you can’t argue with that can you!

Arbonne Protein

Arbonne does three types of protein – a protein shake in vanilla, coffee and chocolate flavours which is ideal for those with an active lifestyle. It provides 20 grams of vegan protein plus over 20 vitamins and minerals per serving. This is my favourite and I love to jazz them up with all sorts of added spices, fruits and vegetables to ring the changes like this blueberry cheesecake smoothie or this detox smoothie.

Protein Boost – a favourless and odourless shake which can be added to your favourite foods and beverages to increase the overall protein content. Each scoop provides 10g of protein so all your meals can be high in protein!

What are your favourite protein rich recipes? I’d love to hear from you and share them with fellow readers – feel free get in touch  or follow me on Facebook.

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