Post New Year Fitness Blues

  • Ali

New Year is the time that many wannabe fitness enthusiasts get their gym shoes on and take out a gym subscription only to fall by the way side by mid-month. But for the hardened gym fanatic it’s sometimes just as difficult to get going post New Year.

You know the feeling; your leggings feel a little tighter round your waist and thighs (and you thought lycra was forgiving); when your heart races a little faster at just the thought of the forthcoming Spin class and you haven’t even clocked the teacher yet; You’re hovering at the vending machine and last year’s Mars Bars look 'oh so inviting' and surely you need the energy to get started!

I know those feelings only too well. You step out of your normal routine for a few days (or perhaps a few weeks) and it’s hard to get back into it, so here’s my top tips to get you back on track in 2018.

Exercise with a friend

Having an accountability partner or Personal Trainer alongside you can be key to getting you out of the door and into the gym. It’s easy to put these things off when you are only doing them for yourself but when you know you’re letting someone else down if you don’t get your ass into the gym you’re more likely to get up and get going.

Shake up your routine

Our bodies and our brains get used to doing the same exercises week in and week out so shake it up a bit. The summer is perfect for this as many trainers are on holiday too so classes will be switched around and new teachers will step in. I’ve been trying some new classes and new locations and I’m loving it. You never know you may just find your next best class in the summer time switch which you’re moaning about.

Get your nutrition right

Before I discovered a healthy alternative to sugar and caffeine laden sports drinks I was at a loss as to where to go. Then Arbonne launched the Phytosport range and my world changed. With 3 great tasting products, which are all botanically based, to fuel my performance I know I’m onto a winner. They were developed to improve performance, enhance results from your workout, increase endurance and help support the body after exercise, all of which can help to build your confidence in your body’s abilities to perform.

They’ve chosen botanicals which really support performance: cayenne which supports circulation, ginseng which supports physical capacity and performance and turmeric which helps support joints and delivers antioxidant protection.

So how do they work:

Prepare and Endure

It’s a great tasting orange - pineapple flavour and provides single carbohydrates to readily convert into functional energy your body needs to prepare for activity. Prepare and Endure also helps me to sustain the intensity of my workout and exertion so I don’t get a crash part way through by supporting the oxygen delivery and a healthy blood flow throughout my activity.  And what I love it that it helps with the removal of waste, such as lactic acid, that’s produced from the muscle activity.

Complete Hydration

Compared to what I’ve looked at in the sports market this product is really unique as it has a blend of six different electrolytes to give you optimal hydrationl Sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium replace what could be lost while sweating due to physical exertion, exercise and activity.

Complete hydration also supports the isotonic balance in your body, helping to replace fluids which were lost during perspiration, and is formulated to rehydrate your cells to ensure proper body function is able to be maintained throughout the workout. Because of the magnesium content it helps maintain and support proper muscle function too. Overall complete hydration helps you stay hydrated before, during and after exercise so is better than water!  

After workout

Finally when you thought it was all over it actually is and you can drink a thirst quenching After Workout! It’s designed to alleviate after workout muscle soreness and fatigue after your finish your class, exercise routine or sport. It also restores energy, so you’re ready to get back into another class or session sooner! How, by supporting muscle growth and recovery so that you can reduce your downtime between workouts. You can drink Afer Workout by itself or add it to your Arbonne Essentials Protein Shake for a post workout protein and nutrient boost.

It’s packed with branch chain amino acids: leucine, isoleucine and valine which support muscle repair and can also reduce exercise induced muscle soreness and help to promote recovery. And pomegranate which contains specific antioxidants which help to quench free radicals generated by activity.

With all this support behind you you’re sure to feel on top of your workouts and ready for the next one.

Rest up

Despite wanting to hit the gym at 100 miles an hour to get yourself back on track rest is an important part of recovery and performance. Make sure you get adequate sleep between workouts so your body has time to recovery and getting back into the gym will be fun and rewarding.

My favourite Pre Workout Protein packed overnight oats

Pre workout overnight oats

Need a complete meal 1-3 hours before a workout? Try Pre-Workout Oatmeal! Packed with plant based protein, simple and complex carbs, and healthy fats this will help you power through to the last minute of your workout.



  1. Mix all ingredients together ideally in a glass jar with airtight lid – I like to use mason jars

Set aside in the fridge overnight (or for min 8 hours) and enjoy the following morning


You can make this with Arbonne’s Protein Boost for a less sweet flavour. Try adding a full banana too. 

Each scoop of Arbonne Protein Boost delivers 10g of vegan, plant based protein with no added flavours so it's ideal for smoothies, baking and savoury dishes too.