Understanding your food philosophy

what's preventing weight loss
  • Ali

As Spring moves on and thoughts start to turn to Spring cleaning those areas in our homes we often neglect (under the bed, our makeup drawer, behind the fridge) it's a good time to do some spring cleaning of our thinking too. For instance if you know you're always starting things (decorating, knitting projects, books) but never actually finishing them what is that telling you? If you're looking to lose a little weight but telling yourself you've been here before and always fail, that's a message that might benefit from a spring clean too.

So let's look at your food philosophy.

Do you know what has shaped your overall philosophy and thinking around food?

I love to work with clients to help them unpick their food philosophy (often created over decades and mixed up in childhood emotions etc) to start to write a new chapter in their health.

It’s time to think about 

Past experiences.

Have you ever made lifestyle changes only to return to old habits 2 or 3 weeks (or maybe days) later?


Do you find you run out of willpower or motivation to keep going?


Have you got to a point where you’re so fearful of making the wrong choice that you are stuck and simply don’t know how to move ahead? 

Food as a crutch.

Do you ever reach for comfort food when you’re stressed or life isn’t going quite as you planned?

Food as Love.

Was food used as a sign of love and appreciation when you were growing up? Do you use it as a love token in your family, or towards yourself now? 

Taking action

 If you recognise that you use food in any one of these ways, perhaps more than one of them, and that it’s not healthy then why not work together. Understanding your personal food philosohy can free you from poor health, issues with weight loss or weight gain and emotional eating. One you know what is holding you back from being truely healthy, constanting self sabotaging your efforts, being the weight you want to be and feeling happy with your body then you can work towards ahcieving these goals. Often a lifetime of stress around eating can be resolved with a better understanding of what has shaped your food phisophy. 

Getting to grips with your real thinking around food will help you to bust through some myths and move you to a place of empowerment, putting your health and wellbeing first and delivering personal growth.

Book a free call and let's take a look at your food philosophy together email or whatsapp me to book.