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I have a number of coaching options and ways that we can work together.

Online coaching

When the world came to a stop in 2020 I didn’t! I was already set up to confidentially coach clients online and this has continued with zoom being my online platform of choice.  I provide 1:1 cacao ceremonies on-line.  I will direct you where to buy ceremonial cacao, in whatever country you are in, and send you instructions on how to make it. At our appointed call, we'll both meet via the power of technology - usually on zoom but we can use WhatsApp video call if you prefer. With your cacao in hand I will open the ceremony and lead you in a beautiful, intuitive, cacao meditation.  Each of my meditations is channelled specifically for you and will reflect where you are in your journey, your intention and your needs. Drinking cacao in ceremony is one of the most beautiful ways to connect with both yourself and this incredible plant medicine.

1 hour session £95


Coaching and Cacao Ceremony

Think deeply what do you need right now? Maybe it's some coaching? I will bring both my experience s a health, wellbeing and menopause coach to support you with an intuitive coaching session while we explore this incredible plant medicine. Since discovering Ceremonial Cacao and working with this incredible plant medicine I have started to bring it into every aspect of mine and my family’s life and extend the invitation into my clients’ lives too. It is a heart opener and enables communication to take place at a more energetic level increasing access to your intuition and creativity.  

​With your cacao in hand as I open our coaching call, I will open our session with a cacao prayer calling upon the spirit of cacao to help you to gain insight and understanding of the situation you are in. Rather than using meditation as the medium for our session we will talk through anything that you wish to share enabling you to come to a clearer understanding of what is holding you back, your future direction and helping you to create a compelling future.

3 x 1 hour session £285.


Learn the secret of making ceremonial cacao, setting up an alter and sitting in meditation

I have a few favourite cacao recipes I will share with you in advance of us getting together on zoom or WhatsApp. In our ceremony I will share the history of cacao, its nutritional properties, it’s heart opening qualities and why it is called Food of the Gods. Together we will explore how you can bring the magic of ceremonial cacao into your daily rituals and look at the many benefits to doing so. I'll share how to create an alter for your daily ceremonies (a prayer made visible). I will outline a cacao dieta for you to follow and guide you as you embark upon working with this incredible plant medicine.

Cacao is a fantastic plant medicine to sit alongside daily life and will support you and take you deeper as you meditate, journal, address inner work around self development & your career as well as while you embark upon self care rituals.

1 x1 hour online session plus 20 days of daily check in’s via What’sApp as you undertake your cacao dieta £195


Nourish the Women Programme

29 day programme. Next programme starts Saturday 3 April 2022

24 daily rituals (15 mins focus per day) and 5 online sister circles with cacao ceremony.

  • Weekly meditations
  • Journaling
  • Gratitude
  • Exploring your strengths
  • Celebrating your successes
  • Remembering who you are
  • Meeting the woman you are ready to become

The Nourish The Women Programme has everything you need to

  • Simplify your life
  • Build or renew your inner confidence
  • Let go of old frustrations and gain a fresh perspective
  • Wake up refreshed and excited about your day
  • Understand your strengths and talents
  • Unearth your purpose
  • Create a compelling future

Set your intention for the final part of the year and the years to come. Step into who you are today.

Investment £247

Online events: Saturday 3, 10, 17, 24, 30 April 2022

Book your interview/place on WhatsApp 07973 843020


Health and Menopause Coaching

Passionate about working with women to support them in their own health and wellbeing transformation these individual sessions can provide the breakthrough that you need to help you gain clarity on your path ahead. Whether it is supporting you as your address a dis-functional relationship with food, emotional eating, weight loss, weight management or weight gain that you are seeking I am here for you. Through an online ceremony including drinking of ceremonial cacao, should you wish, we will look into what is holding you back and agree a plan to move you forward. Whether this is specific lifestyle screening, activity analysis, analysis of current diet or creation of individual meal plans, we will work together to create a plan that is specific to you and enables you to set and reach achievable health goals.

3 x 1 hour sessions £285


Work with Ali in Person and Personal Cacao Ceremonies

1:1 Cacao Ceremonies

Based at The Mill Birth  & Wellbeing Centre in Duddington near Stamford, you can meet face to face with Ali and enjoy a personal cacao ceremony designed specifically for you. Together we will explore your intention for your ceremony and I will serve you with a ceremonial dose of Cacao. I will channel a guided meditation just for you as you relax in this beautiful setting and sit your ceremonial cacao.

Session also includes hands on energy healing if requested.

These ceremonies are calming and can be used as a channel for release during difficult situations, allowing healing to come to fruition and emotional balance.

Excellent for regulating mood swings, PMT, menopause & overwhelm.

1 x 1 hour session £115


New Moon & Full Moon Meditation Ceremonies


On the New Moon and Full Moon I will lead cacao ceremonies with guided meditations for new beginnings, setting intentions, release and new awakenings. These are both in person and online events.

All dates until end of 2021 are online  


£11 - if drinking your own Cacao

£19 - including Ceremonial Cacao and heart opening crystal posted to you

Please book via WhatsApp 07973843020


6 week Learn to Meditate Course

Meditation has become one of the simplest and yet most effective ways to relieve stress, anxiety, and improve your overall quality of life.

Based at The Mill Birth & Wellbeing Centre in Duddington near Stamford, join this 6 week course which will take you on a heart opening spiritual adventure as you learn the art of meditation. This course is designed to give you the foundational tools and techniques necessary to achieve meditative states, including how to hone your breath, how to centre your focus and achieve body awareness, how visualization can aid in meditation, and when specific complementary therapies can be of benefit. Additionally, you will learn the roles of non-attachment and letting go.

We will also cover some of the fundamentals like how to sit cross legged, and do you even need to, as well as how to quieten your mind and reduce the chitter chatter.


Starting each session with a cup of ceremonial cacao (or tea if you prefer) I will lead us in an opening prayer before starting our meditation session.


This course is highly experiential, and it is important that you commit to your own regular meditation practice – whether that is just 5 minutes a day 2-3 days a week or an hour each day! We will also explore how journaling and reflection can play an important role in gaining clarity and awakening us to our potential.


This is a small class of supportive students and open discussion will be encouraged at the end of each session with a private WhatsApp group being available for students to share daily or weekly insights. Join me and experience the benefits of stress relief, inner calm, focus and clarity.

Dates and times to be confirmed – please express your interest via WhatsApp 07973 843020

£105 per person


Formore information to to chat through an option that feels right for you please get in touch using WhatApp 07973 843020 or email


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