Snicker Inspired Smoothie

  • Ali

If like me you are looking for a healthier alternative to wheat based, sugar laden, breakfast cereal or need a snack on the go, then look no further. This super quick shake recipes is great and taste like the famous chocolate Snickers bar!

Packed with protein and brimming with vitamins and minerals smoothies are a great, and nutritious way, to start your day.

When I was first introduced to shakes and smoothies I made them with pure fruit and vegetables and the odd handful of nuts, flax seeds etc. I was always starving by 10.30, sometimes sooner, depending on what my morning had involved.

 I then discovered the Arbonne protein powder and oh how my life changed. Adding a scoop or two (two scoops = one serving which = 20g of plant based vegan protein) has meant I’ve never looked back.

For me a Gluten free Breakfast or snack on the go was a real challenge. Not any more – my super healthy, and great tasting, shakes energise me and fill me up until my next meal. They also help to regulate my blood sugar so I get less highs and lows throughout the day.

I always have a shake for breakfast and often one for lunch too. If I’m in a hurry or know I have a busy day then there’s always a shake in my bag or in the car to get me though. The days of hunting for something gluten free in a service station and finding the only thing is sugar laden or a pack of salted peanuts are a thing of the past!


350 ml cold water


2 scoops (1 serving) Arbonne Chocolate protein powder

1 tablespoon peanut butter ( I love Pip and Nut)

1/4  avocado

Cacao nibs to finish



Add all ingredients to a Nutri-bullet or other blender. Blend until smooth

Top with cocoa or cocao nibs



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