10 minute meditation for healing

meditation for healing
  • Ali

This guided meditation is focused on your healing – whether that be physical or emotional, an actual physical injury or pain or emotion turmoil, relationship or heartache.  Use this time to focus on anything that is troubling your body or your mind today.

Together we’ll use the power of our mind and its energy to allow you to bring more peace, love and healing into your life.

If you’re new to meditation this guided practice is going to be super helpful as it gifts you with a healing mantra to repeat and follow throughout. If you’re used to meditation and can quieten the mind you may use or release the mantra – choose whatever works best for you.

If you find your mind does wander off, just bring yourself back to your breathing and continue to repeat the mantra – I am healthy, whole and complete.


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With love and light from my heart to yours.