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  • Ali

I’m super excited to have just received the final draft of the piece I’ve been writing for a co-authored book being published alongside plant medicine woman Lynette Allen later this year. 

For me journalling is a cathartic process. Whether it's writing my daily list of the actions I want to accomplish, creating a meal plan or shopping list or drafting a blog, it allows me to put my ideas into a structre that makes more sense than when they're just rumbling around in my head.  Writing my piece for Lynette's book has been a cleansing process -  putting my thoughts into order and making sense of my past, my present and my future.

That's much like the journey the women joining my Nourish The Women programme go on. They join me not really knowing what they've signed up for or where their life is heading but knwing that are looking for change. They leave with a deeper understanding of themselves, their role in life and how they can create a compelling future. Creating this compelling future was one of the big drivers for me in creating the programme that has come to form Nourish The Women. For years i've been involved in personal development, coaching and motivational speaking. I've attended many courses, read endless books and been to hundreds of in person and online seminars. I've spoken to teams of hundreds of people and to individuals. I've coached  one to one and in groups. I've led individual and group meditations and facilitated sister circles and all that learning, studying and pracice has led me to launch Nourish the Women. I'm so prpud of it and of the group of women that completed my pilot and gained so much insight into themselves and their lives as a result.

What's your story? 

So many of us are struggling with the life we have created for themselves. We have had enough of the daily daily stress, worry and headache.  We're no longer prepared to settle for a life filled with anger, shouting at the kids, hating our career choices (or lack of them) and taking anti-depressants to numb the pain.

We are ready to align with our true calling but don't know where to start. Having worked in this field for all of my career I understand it’s challenging, and doing it on your own can be stressful. It's likely you'll quit long before you find the answers you need to move your life forward and this can result in you feeling like you've failed or worse with you staying in an unhappy career, marriage or relationship because you just can't see a way out.

As I prepare for my next 29 day emersion, I'm inviting you to join me.

This is your invitation to Nourish The Woman within.

Our Nourish the Women programme will provide the time for you to focus on your personal needs in a supportive and collaborative circle of like minded women - all there to support and nurture you. 

You’ll have time to focus on your passions, your strengths, your purpose and where this will lead you as you enter this new phase in life. 
On this 4 week journey. We’ll cover:
Creating a fresh perspective on life
Building or renewing your inner confidence
Uncovering your inner passions
Understanding who you are – your strengths and talents
Unearthing your purpose
Creating a compelling future.
15 minutes a day, for 4 weeks, with 5 interactive and intuitive coaching calls with me and fellow sisters is all it will take. Transformation doesn’t have to take lots of time or energy but you do have to begin!

What a gift to give yourself. 
I have spaces for my 7 May course (with ceremonies on 5 consecutive Saturday's) and Tuesday evening 26 April (5 consecutive Tuesday eves). Time zones will work across US, UK and Europe.
Investment £247 – can be split over 3 payments

Nourish the woman within as we grow our futures together. Whats app 07973843020 to book you space.