Nourishing Women in 2023

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  • Ali

My cross roads have been plentiful over the years. I left corporate life after having my daughter in the early 2000’s then started my own business when I realised motherhood alone wasn’t enough for me but that corporate life wouldn’t accommodate my needs, or  hers. I went into business with my husband and in my 40s retrained and reinvented myself as a nutritionist, wellness and menopause coach. I discovered cacao in 2019 and in an unexpected twist found myself at a new crossroads in my 50s - when I was beginning to think that I was too old to start anything new! Oh how the universe laughed at that one and threw me this curved ball!

Are you at a crossroads?

If you're at a cross roads, wondering what 2023 holds for you then I have a special invitation for you. An invitation to create your compelling future and celebrate the women you are today.

Join our next Nourish the Women programme starting on Tuesday 3rd or Saturday 7 January. It's an opportunity to form a trusting relationship with yourself, to learn to love YOU again, to trust YOUR wisdom and intuition and to step into a whole new future.

This is a gift to the younger you, the little girl or teen you used to be.
It’s an invitation to honour the woman you are now – your strengths, your resilience, your achievements and your struggles

This is an opportunity to meet the woman you are yet to become and to create a compelling future alongside her.

We each enter a new year carrying past pain, wounds and resentment, holding back from stepping into the light believing ourselves to be too old, too small, too large or too frail.
We lose ourselves in being 'busy' and supporting others while we allow our own dreams and desires to fade.

​This programme is designed to give meaning to your past, to make peace with it if you need to, to appreciate and honour the woman you are now and to create a compelling future that you can step into.

What the programme holds

Over 29 days we’ll work together in a close-knit, confidential, sisterhood who will support you. We’ll sit in circle together, drink ceremonial cacao (or tea if you prefer) and support each others transformation.

This is a restorative journey, creating a sense of peace and calm. You will be witnessed in your growth and supported as you create your compelling future.

Perhaps you have never sat in circle with other women before. Perhaps you have never felt the depth of connection that sister circles can bring, or the clarity that drinking ceremonial cacao can foster. Perhaps now is the time to open yourself to these new experiences and join us on this remarkable journey.

My next programme starts Tuesday evenings 3rd Jan or Saturday mornings  7 Jan with online ceremonies each week and daily rituals to help you focus on you, your personal growth and self love.

If you're at the crossroads, come join us and find your way.

INVESTMENT: £242 - available in 3 instalments.
WhatsApp me to discuss how this programme will support your growth 07973 843020