Nourish the women Programme 2022

how to make 2022 your best year
  • Ali

A special invitation to find your voice, to create your compelling future and celebrate the woman you are today

An opportunity to remind yourself of your strengths and talents

A chance to remember and celebrate your past successes

The space to take the time to be grateful for all you have in your life

The ritual of drinking ceremonial cacao, meditating, journaling and affirmations

Many of us have spent time since the pandemic hit soul searching. Life has changed, our work life balance has shifted, home working and home education have changed and we have felt a renewed connection to nature and a call to embrace our natural surroundings more and more. For me, sitting in sister circles, drinking ceremonial cacao and getting out in nature became a regular part of my week. Many times I was brought to tears by the revelations I unleashed and the stories of trauma and transformation that those around me shared. The strength I’ve come to see in myself and the future I’m calling in is not something I could keep to myself. It originally manifested itself as my Silver Sisterhood programme - a 5 week programme to help women reconnect with themselves. After lots of  iterations and feedback I am relaunching it as my Nourish The Women Programme as it’s obviously designed for women of any age!

What the Nourish The Women Programme offers

An opportunity to form a trusting relationship with yourself, to learn to love yourself again, to trust yourself again, and to lavish yourself with self care – in short to begin to worship yourself again

  • this is a gift to the younger you, the little girl or teen you used to be
  • it’s an invitation to honour the woman you are now – your strengths, your resilience, your achievements and your struggles
  • this is an open door to the woman you are yet to become, to show herself, to journey with her, to understand her and to create a compelling future alongside her
  • With each year that passes we blindly walk into a new phase of life – childhood to teens, work and child rearing, domesticity, caring for others, menopause and ageing

Walking blindly means continuing to walk with

  • past pain, wounds and resentment
  • holding back from stepping into the light believing ourselves too old, too small, too large or too frail
  • losing ourselves in being 'busy' and supporting others while we allow our own dreams and desires to fade

​This programme is designed to give meaning to your past, to make peace with it if you need to, to appreciate and honour the woman you are now and to create a compelling future that you can step into.

Over 29 days we’ll work together in a close-knit, confidential, sisterhood who will support you. We’ll sit in circle together, consume ceremonial cacao (or tea if you prefer) and support each others’ transformation.
This is a restorative journey, creating a sense of peace and calm. You will be witnessed in your growth and supported as you create your compelling future.

Perhaps you have never sat in circle with other women before. Perhaps you have never felt the depth of connection that sister circles can bring, or the clarity that drinking ceremonial cacao can foster. Perhaps now is the time to open yourself to these new experiences and join us on this remarkable journey. We start on Sunday 9 January with sister circles for the next 4 Sundays – 16th, 23rd, 30th Jan and 6 February.


What’s involved and provided to support you?

​5 x Cacao Ceremonies in supportive sister circles – Sunday 10am – 12noon. See dates above. Drinking Cacao together, sharing in complete confidence. A safe space to open up to what needs to be said about your past, about where you are in life right now and about what you hope to create in the future.

​Weekly meditation

Journal prompts to help with self discovery and alignment of future goals, plans or desires.

A 15 minute activity to focus you each day delivered into a private WhatsApp group that only you and the women in your circle will see

Daily activities will include things like;

Making peace with your younger self

Celebrating your strengths

Remembering your successes and how they have shaped you

Journaling on your core strengths and what lights you up

Uncovering your values and realising when you have accepted others’ values above yours

Gifting yourself the opportunity to get back into flow – to enjoy the pleasure of calling in a compelling future

Nourishing yourself with plant medicine, time, focus, self care and self reflection


We'll sit in ceremony together

You'll celebrate you – the beautiful, strong woman you are right now

You’ll light candles, whisper prayers, write letters that may never be sent

You’ll use your insights to start to create your compelling future

AND all in complete confidence with a supportive ‘sister circle’ surrounding you. This is deep work – nourishing your very soul - opening your heart to self love, self care and healing!


Group support on-line​

​and the opportunity to continue to foster the friendships that have been developed as you sit in this special sister circle, long after our 29 days together have come to an end….

​This is a restorative journey, creating a sense of peace and calm. You will be witnessed in your growth and supported as you create your compelling future.




Message Ali via WhatsApp +447973843020 or email [email protected]. We can arrange a time to chat and book you on.