Setting your intention with the Full Moon

journal prompts for full moon
  • Ali

Last night’s cacao ceremony and meditation was gorgeous – that’s what one of the ladies wrote to me this morning. I love how working with cacao has opened me up to this totally new tribe of soul seeking women who are looking for personal growth. I hear they all slept really well and had much more clarity this morning too! 

I am starting to do both in person ceremonies at a gorgeous wellness centre in Duddington near Stamford, Lincs, and online ceremonies every month in line with the lunar calendar so please keep a look out for more events and spread the word – I’m looking to share this fabulous experience with more people. 

Post our ceremony I suggested some useful things to think about around the full moon including releasing anythign that desnt serve you and illuminating ideas for expansion and growth.  

The full moon is a great time to let go of what is no longer needed, shedding past worries, hurts and fears - using this special full moon energy to help you to address what is not serving you.

This is a great time to set intentions, goals and manifest desires too. Be clear on what your dream life looks like and step into action to make that life a reality.

After a cacao ceremony you may want to start a regular journaling practice to help your manifesting. 

With these full moon journal prompts you will be able to create a dedicated space in which you can:

  • Present your ideas to the universe
  • Dream big
  • Create actions that will lead towards your goals
  • Think about how you’d like the next month, or quarter year, to look
  • Release energetic ties that stand in your way

Some Journal Prompts you may want to use are:

  • What did I see come into my life in the last few weeks?
  • How did this feel?
  • What affect do the people around me have on my mood, my energy and how I show up in the world?
  • Am I happy with this?
  • What, if anything, do I need to release in order to step into who I want to be?
  • I am proud of myself for stepping into my power when….
  • I dream of…..
  • When I imagine this dream coming true I feel…

Describe your dream life. Use as much detail as possible. What does it feel like? What does it look like? Who is there with you?

Use all your senses to map out your perfect day? Begin to live it in your mind so you can manifest it in your life. 

Write down an affirmation confirming your dream life is within reach – it may sound something like this

“Every day I am walking towards my dream life of …... I surrender to the road I walk. I release all the energy that no longer serves me and cut all cords with anyone who is holding me back. I feel the freedom of stepping into this dream life and embrace the energy that it provides me.”

These questions and prompts are a great start for your manifestation journal. If you’re about to embark on a cacao dieta (speak to me if you’re unsure what this means) journaling after drinking your cacao is a great way to open your heart and allow inspiration to flow.

Make this a regular practice and watch your energy and feelings start to shift. And when this shift starts to happen watch your reality match up.


To listen to a version of last night's meditation follwo this link tomy Vimeo channel - Full Moon Meditation for Release and intention setting

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