Celebrate International Women's Day

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  • Ali

As we celebrate International Women's Day today, Tuesday 8 March, I’d love to invite you to celebrate you. Celebrate what you’ve achieved in life, the journey you’ve had and the amazing woman you are today. I know you might not be where you want to be, but each step is a movement and even when we feel like we are making no headway or falling back  we are still exactly where we are meant to be.

So celebrate by taking some time over the next few days to do something just for you - celebrate and honour yourself. Whatever you choose from getting up an hour earlier to meditate quietly before the chaos of family breakfast or the rush to work to  running a spa bath and relaxing with a good book a scented candle burning and a crystal infusing the room with self love - you deserve it.

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Sitting in circle together, drinking ceremonial cacao and sharing in others’ journey’s is a true privilege and can bring you back into alignment with your heart. It can help you reconnect with your soul’s desire, to find your purpose and the intuition and wisdom that lives within you – helping you create a compelling future. And it’s a great way to  celebrate you – what a gift to give yourself for International Women’s Day.