How can I tap into the New Moon energy in March 2022

new moon march 2022 rituals
  • Ali

If you’ve been feeling the pull of empathy, loving thoughts and dreamy intentions then you’re attuned with the lunar energy that’s surrounding us right now. The new moon that births on Wednesday 2nd March falls in pisces season. Celebrating this new moon is a perfect way to kickstart another month and the spring season. Falling in the dreamy Pisces season it embodies your inner voice so tune into what your soul is telling you.

This is a great time to visualise the life of your dreams. Don’t get lost in day dreaming, bring those dreams into reality by visualising what you want out of life and start to put steps in place to bring that life to fruition.


Now is the perfect time to plant the seed for new opportunities. Doors will open and possibilities will abound personally and professionally. You'll likely see the long-term goals you plan during this time come to fruition during the September 2022 full moon so put things in place now to support you on this journey.

Undertaking a new moon meditation practice will help you crystalise your thoughts with this gentle new moon energy. 

Good journal prompts to use this new moon include:

  • Where do I need to make space in my life to call in all that I want my future to hold?
  • What do I need to release to allow me to grow into the person I want to become?
  • Where have I been playing small in life, or holding onto other’s beliefs in order to stay safe? How can I let go of this?

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