How to Create a Full Moon Ritual for Letting Go

how to release energy with a full moon
  • Ali

The September Full Moon is a loving, healing and nurturing full moon. Each full moon is given a specific name and because this is generally seen as the month of harvest this September full moon is called a harvest moon. Here in the UK we’re experiencing the changes in the season with the leaves starting to colour and fall and the growing season beginning to shorten as the dark nights draw in. It’s a perfect time to hunker down, reflect on what has, and hasn’t, been serving you and to use this lunar energy of the full moon to guild and support you.

At full moon, the moon is on the opposite side of the earth to the sun and so the near side of the moon is illuminated by the sun’s light. The full moon represents a clearing and release so it’s a perfect time to let go and especially potent as the year draws to a close.

For so many of us, we have been experiencing an awakening of our hearts to a greater state of loving and this has been especially evident given the instability that we are seeing and sensing all around us. This September 2021 Full Moon is working with the water element and the moon loves to be connected to this highly emotional, nurturing and dreamy element. This lunar energy is encouraging us to become fluid like water as the world around us ebbs and flows.

If you’re tuned in and listening to your heart, you may feel you’re being guided on a journey of grounding, releasing, healing and replenishing. With the help of Mother Earth, the fabulous plant medicine Cacao, your heart consciousness and the energy of the Full Moon you can re-activate our heart consciousness and your intuition for a higher state of being.

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Full Moon Rituals

Harnessing the lunar energy of the Full Moon is a great time to let go of what is no longer needed, shedding past worries, hurts and fears. You can use this full moon energy to help you to address what is not serving you. 

The arrival of the full moon this month is a perfect time to reflect and rest. A full moon is a perfect time to write down a list of all the things you’ve bought into your life in the last two weeks – anything you’ve manifested – both positive and not so much, and to have a think about what feels good and what doesn’t. Think about what has aligned with your energy, and what hasn’t.

Keep a lunar calendar

Keeping a full moon calendar to hand and creating a monthly full moon routine, just as I encourage perimenopause or menopausal clients to do to tack their monthly cycle – energy, feelings etc -  is a powerful way to check in on your energy and the energy you are drawing into you. Bringing this into consciousness will allow you to see clearly what’s serving you and what is taking up space. It doesn’t mean you have to do anything with this knowledge right now, but the full moon is a time of cleansing. It’s a time to surrender, release and let go of what is no longer aligned with us energetically.

Journaling around the full moon

This month’s full moon is a perfect time to dig out your journal and get writing.

Journaling is a wonderful way to check-in with yourself, to better understand or to validate everything you’ve been through and to check in with everything you’d like to manifest.

If you’re completely new to journaling, see here. If you’re looking for some other ideas around wellbeing and releasing energy check out the information here.

How to use Full Moon Journal Prompts

It’s really useful to create a dedicated space in which you can:

  • Present your ideas to the universe
  • Dream big
  • Create actions that will move you towards your goals
  • Visualise how you’d like the next month to look
  • Embrace the incredible lunar energy surrounding the full moon

These are just a few of the themes we will work through in these full moon journal prompts. Where possible aim to do these things as close to the full moon as possible. The 48 hours after a full moon phase begins is considered the most energetically powerful time to practise this full moon ritual. I’ve listed a set of UK dates for FullMoons at the bottom of this blog.

To get started have with you

  • a journal / paper – I love a hardback book for how weighty it fees in my hand
  • a pen
  • a comfortable space to sit / lie down
  • a cup of ceremonial cacao, herbal tea or your favourite cosy drink

I like to create a calm and cosy space when I’m journaling and always try to do it after i’ve been drinking cacao  or meditating as it allows me to open my heart and listen to my inner voice. You may want to consider heading into nature for a walk and doing your journaling under a majestic oak tree or by the sea shore, in the woods or just in the garden – anywhere with fresh air and lots of natural light. If you’re journaling at home, light a candle, smudge your space, fill your diffuser with essential oils or burn some incense. Grab a cosy blanket and snuggle up and let your thoughts flow onto the page. Don’t try to sort them out, just allow yourself to write it all down.

Let’s begin

1. Begin any journaling session by taking 3 deep breathes. Breathing in through your nose for a count of 6 and breathing out for a count of 6​.

Take a minute or two to really centre yourself before you begin journaling. Leave the energy of your day behind – drop any conversations, any thoughts or emails and release all that you don’t wish to carry into this full moon ritual with you.

By breathing in through your nose you activate your parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) and you signal to your body that it’s time to slow down, relax and restore your energy.

This is a beautiful and powerful place to journal from.

2. What did I welcome into my life in the past two weeks? ​

It might be that you set intentions with the new moon that you have worked on or manifest.

It might be more of an emotion or attitude that you were trying to foster? It could be a new person or relationship or just a shifting in an existing relationship?

Simply note anything new that has come into your life.

3. I notice that *** made me feel ***.

Take note of how each of the things that came into your life in the last few weeks made you feel.

How did you react to their appearance?

Did you feel aligned to it/them, did you feel resistant?

What did you notice? Simply write, without judgement, and let the pen flow.

4. Now check in with your emotions. This full moon I am feeling...

Fill in the blank and expand your thoughts…

What effect do the people around you have on your mood? Your energy? Are you choosing  the people you spend time with wisely? What’s adding to your lift? What’s draining you?

What do you feel has been illuminated within yourself that you need to honour and find some space around?

It might be that you need to honour your need for more space when you feel overwhelmed. You might need to honour the fear or sadness that keeps coming up within you  - a feeling that you’ve been trying to push down or push through.

Think about an emotion that you are experiencing that maybe you have a tendency to deny yourself. Expand and bring it into the light. Journal on it without judgement, just let it flow. What is it illuminating for you – what is its message?

5. This month I let go of...

What do you need to let go of or surrender to this month?

A huge amount of the pain we experience in our lives is due to holding onto things that we know energetically we need to release. The resistance we hold onto can in fact hold us back and keep us stuck.

Where do you feel resistance in your life? Where could you let go and surrender a little more?

Ask the universe for what you need at this full moon and allow thoughts to flow onto the page.

6. This month I dream of...

Visualise your dream life in perfect technicolour. Think about the details, where do you live, who are you surrounded by, what does each day look like from the minute you open your eyes to when you rest your head back on your pillow.

7. As I move towards my dream life I feel...

How does this dream life make you feel. Sense the colours, the tastes, the smells.

Breathe it all in. Now write down the words that come to your mind when you think about moving towards and reaching this dream of yours.

What words come to mind? Are they empowering Are you scared? Do you have doubts?

If you’re not feeling much, take a few deep breaths and read your dream again – reading it out loud can help. If it’s not aligning with you and who you are, or you have a bigger dream in your heart that you’ve denied yourself… write down another dream. There are no limits here – just dream.

Just be honest with yourself – listen to your heart and give yourself permission to believe it is possible. You don’t need to know how or when it will happen, you just need to think about what your dream is…

8. Choose your wildest dream and close your eyes. Imagine it to be true.

If you wrote down more than one dream, it’s time to choose one. Listen to your heart and choose the one you’re drawn to most…even if it is the biggest, boldest dream you’ve ever had!

Now close your eyes and place your left hand on your heart and your right hand on top for connection and protection. Imagine that dream coming into your life.

What does it feel like? What does it look like? Who’s with you? What sounds do you hear? What scents can you smell? Build a technicolour vision of your dream and step into it.

Science has proven that our mind cannot tell the difference between the thoughts of something happening and the reality of something happening. The reactions within the body are the same if you truly tune your thoughts and visions into that dream.

The power lies in the fact you have consciously raised your vibrations to the frequency of your dream. Now for the remainder of the lunar cycle continue to vibrate at this frequency, visualise your dream every day and take the steps necessary to move it effortlessly into your life.

9. Write down a full moon affirmation to repeat to yourself throughout this lunar cycle

It may sound something like this…

‘Every day I am walking towards my dream life. I surrender to the path I walk. I release all of the energy, people and thoughts that no longer serve me and I feel the freedom of this new vibration. I am capable of becoming anything I dream and I believe this new life is on it’s way. When I walk forward with faith, the universe always delivers.’

10. Close your full moon ritual with a meditation or breathwork exercise

You’ve done some deep deep work here. Close your full moon ritual by sitting with everything you’ve journaled in this session – re read your notes, re read what your dream life looks and feels like.

This is a perfect time to meditate, put on a guided breathwork practice or simply take a few deep, long breaths as we did at the beginning of this practice. You may also feel you want to smudge the space again and release any blocked energy you have let go of.

If you’d like to listen to some music while you journal here’s a playlist I love.

If you’d like to start drinking cacao as part of your lunar cycle or as a regular part of your day here’s a link to Pablo who I buy my ceremonial cacao from.

With love and light, from my heart to yours

Ali xx


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Full moons dates for 2021

Note: These full moon calendar dates are for the UK. Full moons occur at different times depending on your location, do your own online research for the exact time and date of the Full moon in your country…

January 28th at 19:16

February 27th at 08:17

March 28th at 19:48

April 27th at 04:31

May 26th at 12:13

June 24th at 19:39

July 24th at 03:36

August 22nd at 13:01

September 21st 00:54

October 20th at 15:56

November 19th at 08:57

December 19th at 04:35